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Effective Program Implementation

All meet PEACES’s 3R Criteria:

Relevant: Does the program map to the PEACE mission?  If not, what modifications are necessary? Has/will/does the indigenous community respond positively to the program? 

Required: Does the program have sustainability? Does/will the program have both immediate impact as well as strategic success? Do those participating in the program have a stake in their own or the program’s future success? Is the program’s success simply measurable?

Resonates: Is the program’s outcome a “hand-up” vs. a “handout”? Is the program an “advocacy” or a service delivery? Is the program’s target outcome visible?


Management and Staff Focused on Program Delivery

Executive Director, Ali Elías, manages a team of qualified professionals to deliver effective programs with most staff dedicated to the education segment. All staff, including the Executive Director, are active in program delivery. [See Organizational Chart below and/or click here.]


Operational Efficiency

Administration costs are kept to a minimum. How? By PEACE’s network of Volunteers and Donors-In-Kind [see following paragraph]. By outsourcing admin functions, including book-keeping, accounting, and financial reporting. And by having no staff-managed fundraising events.



To help keep administration costs to a minimum, donors-in-kind make a profound contribution. Examples are: PEACE’s facilities are provided rent free by the local Ejido, who also pay for utilities. Financial expertise and accounting is provided by Gaby Rojas’s firm, Teran-Rojas. Legal services provided by Connell & Associates. Conference rooms provided for Descúbrete program by St. Regis Resorts, W Hotel and Four Seasons Resorts.


Program Oversight

Currently, two of the three community service categories – Education, and Community Pride – have a supporting Program Committee comprised of volunteers, all homeowners from the Punta de Mita area. These committees, along with PEACE’s Executive Director, always with continuous improvement in mind, review existing program effectiveness, consider/approve new proposed programs, review/recommend the program’s annual operating budget, and to make its recommendations to the PEACE Board of Directors. Click here for current Program Committees.



All fundraising, a major cost of most non-profits, is not done by PEACE staff. PEACE does not do time-consuming and costly event fundraising. Instead, annual fundraising, referred to as ‘PLEDGE FOR PEACE’, is done person-to-person exclusively by Board of Director members and Advisors with the support of the Program Committee members, all volunteers.



The annual PLEDGE FOR PEACE fundraising campaign has the support of over 65 Punta de Mita homeowners and this campaign provides over 80% of PEACE’s annual revenue. Additional funds come from local event fundraisers such as Flavors, which is held by St. Regis Resort, Four Seasons Resort, and Punta Mita Resort. New in 2018, donations also come from individual and corporate guests of the resorts at Punta Mita.



Each of PEACE’s Board of Directors, all Punta de Mita area seasonal homeowners, have decades of senior business management and non-profit experience. And each believes in the principle of ‘skin-in-the-game’, and donates annually to PEACE, a minimum of $10,000. Click here for current Board members.


Transparency Pledge to Donors

Donors are invited to the Annual PEACE General Assembly held in March/April of each year, during HOA week. For the presentation made at the 6th Annual Assembly held on April 2, 2019, click here.  Audited Financial Reports are posted on the website 90 days after fiscal/calendar year-end. The Annual Operating Budget is summarized on the Peace website and newsletter.