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What parameters are being or have been put into place to assure PPM’s success?

Peace Punta de Mita will grow slowly, building upon success, to serve our local communities with focused, targeted and meaningful program delivery. PPM believes in long term sustainability and already has a strong balance sheet with a significant reserve being built. PPM has operational transparency. It welcomes all existing and potential donors, committee members, and advisors to its annual General Assembly held within 90 days of its year-end. Audited annual financial results are published within 90 days from year-end on its website. http://peacepuntademita.org/

Does PPM have low overhead?

Yes, the Ejido leases the building to PPM without charging rent, and the Ejido also pays for water and electricity. Administration costs are less than 5% of revenue.

Where does PPM’s revenue come from?

Over 90% of PPM’s revenues come from the annual Pledge For Peace fundraising campaign. For the 2015 Pledge For Peace Fundraising Campaign, there were about 56 Punta de Mita homeowner families that made donations exceeding USD500,000.

Other revenues come from homeowner donors who provide funds to purchase equipment such as photocopiers, and from visiting groups to the Four Seasons Resort and direct funds to PPM rather than take value from the Resort’s Group Amenity Program. In November of 2014, and again in 2015, proceeds from the Flavors community event are donated equally to PPM and to the Foundation.

Besides English and Campeones, what other PPM education programs are there?

-Computer Instruction. At the PPM site there are 14 computers and a teacher daily to instruct various groups of students.

-Summer Camp. During the school holidays, approximately 200 students from all 3 villages attend PPM’s summer camp each year