The CAMPEONES program is a transformative, three-year initiative for secondary school students, aiming to foster future leaders and innovators through an extensive after-school learning experience. It revolves around three main classes: English, Computer Science, and Coaching. The English curriculum emphasizes practical usage, preparing students for bilingual proficiency. Computer Science offers deep insights into computing and programming, equipping students with essential digital skills. Coaching covers community projects, leadership, communication, empowerment, and entrepreneurship, contributing to the development of well-rounded personalities.

Students commit ten hours weekly, with sessions held Monday to Friday throughout the school year. A nutritious meal is provided before each session to ensure focus and well-being. This program, operational for nearly a decade, extends from the CAMPEONES JR initiative for primary education.

The teaching staff comprises dedicated full-time professionals specializing in each subject area, supplemented by external experts who conduct specialized workshops. Beyond academics, the program includes sports, cultural events, community projects, and weekly social service activities. These diverse experiences contribute to personal growth and community improvement, encapsulating the essence of CAMPEONES.